Interior Decorations – 5 Tips & Trends To Follow In 2018

Home and interior decoration is something most of us love. In this piece, we bring to you’re the latest trends and Tips for interior decoration as spoken by the hottest designers and experts in the industry. These trends are all set to soar in the coming year. From understated sage hue to textured furniture and materials that have a history and goal 2018 is going to be bigger than ever.

  •    Ask anyone and bathrooms will be the first thing they want to do up. There is something about luxurious bathrooms that call to the soul. The desire to have spa-like bathrooms has been age-old. We all want fancy hotel style bathrooms, but lately, the trend has snowballed. Baths with opulent Jacuzzis where one can relax and rejuvenate is the topmost trend of this year.  A spa bathroom where you can soak up till you prune like a grape. The tip is to have single-toned tiles in earth colors with just minimalistic shade accents.
  •    When it comes to tone the top trend is sage. The shade has replaced the ivory white, soothing beige and earthy stone. The muted green color with just a touch of grey to it considered bold yet approachable. Our tip is to pair the shade with a slight cream palette and accent it with dark wood. The sage will soften the room and give warmth to it. If you want more splashes of color to your home to add pastels like jade, olive or even a softer shade of mustard.
  •    The next trend is all about fabric and the texture it provides any home. This year the two fads are velvet and leather. While leather is recommended for use in the bedroom, velvet can be used in the living or dining room. Our tip is to have a leather headboard and leather quilted chairs in the boudoir. Use the statement-making velvet in green shades to upholster soft furnishing. The texture these two materials provide would be an excellent juxtaposition to the sage.
  •    A trend that has blindsided experts this year is the statement ceiling. People do not want a bold wall anymore. They want the top of the room to capture attention. If you wish to truly transform a room keep the walls plain and straightforward and change the ceiling. You can use tiles, wallpapers and even painting to decorate the roof and make it stand out.
  •    The last trend that we talk about has caught the fire of millions of people – using recycled material. Instead of using the traditional elements to decorate home people are opting for sustainable aesthetics. The trend is to eschew the old and opt for things that are better for the society and the environment. Design has a purpose now that goes beyond the scope of beauty.

We assure you, follow these five tips and trends, and you will be on top of the ladder of home and interior decoration. Your home would be worthy of both Instagram and Pinterest.

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