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We are glad you choose Inspect NY for your home inspection and renovation needs.  In this section, we clarify our privacy policy and terms of use of the site. Please make note that if you continue using the site, it is taken as an implicit agreement to the Terms of Use. The consent is considered as a binding contract with Inspect NY, and you are liable for any misuse of it. We recommend you to stop using the website if you disagree with our policy or terms.

To ensure that we are able to serve you to the best of our ability we collect specific personal information from you. This privacy policy talks about what we gather, the way we use it and who has control over the data. On some occasion, Inspect NY might make changes in the way we collect or use your information. These changes will reflect in the Privacy Policy and will be notified to you. Again, by continuing the use of the website, you will be consenting to the changes in the policy and agreement.

As a service provider, we may ask you to sign up. At this point, we may collect your username, email id, password, gender, physical address, date of birth, etc. We will only use the private information to provide you with a better service. This information will not be shared with third parties until you consent to the same. We will protect and secure your personal data to the most of our abilities.