Exterior decorations – The Trends, Styles & Latest Fashion

Most homeowners tend to focus on the interiors more than the exterior. This has given rise to many trends when it comes to interior home decoration. But with Modern technology and awareness of the environment, this spotlight is slowly yet impeccably shifting towards exterior decoration. After all, the first look a person has is of the outside of a home, and we all know first impressions are the most important. Today we dive into the trends, styles and latest fashion as related to exterior decorations.

The idea behind the latest trends is to keep a seamless transition from the outside of the home to the inside of the house. Therefore, many fads that are becoming popular for interior decoration have seen a rise in the exterior too. Designers and architects draw their inspirations from these interior home décor to create a finished look that is contemporary and very much in line with the present design climate. The topmost trend prevalent in 2018 is the use of authentic and natural materials. Like in interior design where people are using recycled fabrics, the outside of the home is built in a similar manner.

Homes are now being constructed using bricks that have been salvaged and timber. The finish of these natural materials is kept undisguised. A transparent and light stain is all they need to give an expensive and refined look. The next trend architects cannot get enough of is texture. With bricks making a comeback due to their sustainable quality, this fashion style has picked even more popularity. Self-patterned bricks and the red bricks of an era gone by are what people are demanding.  Even the shape of the conventional building material has undergone a change. The need of the hour is elongated bricks.

To add texture to the home and make it standout bricks are used in only part of the building to create a very modern effect. Another way to add texture to homes is the use of steel on the roofs and the gutters. Even the trims are being made of steel and other curated material to bring an edgy effect to the building.  Another trend that is taken the form of a storm is the outer elements of a home. Décor and style are no more limited to just the main building. From the garden to the garage, attention is paid to it all.

The aim of this trend is to have an integrated look. The water tanks, the shed, the fence, the streetscape and even the garage door are built into a grander scheme. This fashion style of exterior decoration also includes the garden and landscape. The goal is not to think of all these peripheral elements as unimportant but rather small tools that make a home more inviting.  For any homeowner who has even an ounce of interest in decoration, focusing on the exterior has become vital. It is only when a building is thought of inside and out that it turns into a real home.

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