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What Do You Need To Know Before Choosing Cable Railing for your Home?

Cable Railing is back to popularity these days and continues to grow in leaps and bounds. It is back with a bang with a modern twist on terraces and decks. Cable railing is mostly witnessed on picturesque decks, commercial buildings, home views and more. It has gained great popularity in Singapore and the most common to be seen is the metal railing Singapore. Read on to find out why it is popular worldwide and is it a good investment?

Before proceeding, let’s take a look at what exactly is Cable Railing.

Cable Railing is an alternative option for wood or metal railing

Cable railing has replaced the traditional railings all over the world. It is modeled using conventional newels and with fixed cable railing posts. Wire tension is used to offer stability and protection. It can also be used with contemporary designs with the help of metal posts or handrails. It presents a completely new look when attached to wood, redefining the whole wood style. In short, cable railings are horizontal cables replaced with glass, wood, spindles or mesh.

It is known for its sleek character, minimalistic look and presents a more stylish industrial design. It combines contemporary design and industrial design to create a warm, stylish and unique design. The cable railing perfectly goes with all types of other railings. The most common combined railing is the wood and cable railing, popular all over the world.

Why should you choose Cable Railing?

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There are many reasons to opt for cable railings. Traditional railings like wood, mesh, glass, etc block the view, while glass gets spotted and dirty really fast. Traditional railings demand more work and maintenance, whereas it is not the same case in the cable railing. It is now considered as one of the best options and maintenance is also not required much. Therefore, if you want to minimize the obstruction and at the same time beautify your house, then the best option recommended is the cable railing. It rewards you with beauty, freedom and open space when compared with other elements of designs.

Cable railing is the perfect match for your house. It not only saves space and gives the freedom to design but also plays an invisible view when seen from far. It provides beauty by being hidden from view. For instance, cable railing fixed to your terrace allows you to enjoy outdoor beauty without distracting any viewpoint. You can enjoy the night sky or feel refreshed by enjoying the sea view and more. It offers so much hidden beauty and allows enjoying outdoor life.

Cable Railings are very safe just like the traditional railings

Railings are specifically designed to comply with the safety standards and features, thus Cable railings are absolutely safe and strong. It is fashioned from bare metals which are known for its strength. It is, in fact, stronger than wood. But that depends on the thickness, size, height, and shape of the cables. The metal posts must have adequate strength, thickness, and shape to support the cable railings. It must be modeled according to the place and the cables.

Image Of Commercial Stainless Steel Cable Railing.

A Cable railing is surely followed by few concerns, but if properly calculated and installed, it acts as a perfect safe railing. The safety features not only comes with cable railing, as even glass railing falls in this category. All railings are absolutely safe if properly installed and maintained. Check Out – – the cable railing ideas expand the view in your favorite spaces.

Maintenance Tips

The best cable railing one can opt is the 316L stainless steel. It maximizes durability, low maintenance, and is best suited for harsh environments. Sometimes, due to weather conditions or surroundings, the metal gets exposed to discoloration or may affect the steel feature. Therefore, one must take careful consideration when planning to buy cable railing for the outdoor environment.

The most important feature that describes the cable railing is the material cleanliness before and after the installation process. It will decide how well it will react to the surroundings. Therefore, the cleanliness of the cable plays a major role in its strength and durability. Clean your cable railing daily with car wash soap or other recommended products. Ensure to maintain them on a regular basis to keep its beauty, strength, and durability.

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