Image that shows a perfect living room having modern furnitures with brown colored background.

Trend In Home Interiors That Made A Splash In 2019

Image that shows a living room of a home with modern furnitures having paleblue colored background

Each year rings in with better, bolder and brighter trends in all sectors of life. The Best Architects In Chennai say that the world of home décor is no different. As we welcome in a new sun, we bring, with it, new ideas of interior decoration. So, we asked the much-known Interior Architects Dwellion to share some tips for decorating an abode in the latest style. While there are quite a few techniques that can be put to use to make a dwelling classic, chic and appealing, we discuss only two in this article.

• Spaces that double up

Image of a Kids bed room with double coated bedsThere was a time when only tiny apartments necessitated furniture that was multi-function. The lack of floor area required every element of the home to do double duty. An ottoman was not just a cushy place to sit or relax your feet; it was also a nifty storage section. Today, even the biggest mansions are using this technique. The trend in interior design that is making splashes and waves is ‘less is more.’

Instead of employing a new tool, gadget or furnishing for a purpose, they are appropriating elements that are already present in residence. Things like Murphy beds with a modern twist will see a major comeback. A guest room that can easily be converted to a study is another example. The trick is to think outside the box. See every home paraphernalia with functionality in mind.

• Plants bring in green

There is no denying the fact that the present generation has become eco-conscious. They are making efforts to go green. From the food, they eat to how they design their homes is all about being friendly to the planet. It is why, this year, the second biggest style concept in interior decoration is big and bold trees. Instead of adding An Outerview of a Home which fully designed based on eco-consciousstatement-making pieces like ornate tables, homeowners are incorporating plants.

Some examples are:

o A dragon tree kept on both sides of the living room sofa.
o A rubber plant placed in the entryway or foyer.

Trees not only add a hint of green to the abode, but they also make the place healthy. Moreover, wielding this interior design trends is very manageable. Just place the plant in the section of the home that gets adequate sunlight and watering is easy. As long as these conditions are met, the plant will thrive.

There are other trends like making the ceiling an eye-catching part of the room and warming a minimalistic design with mosaic tiles that are perfect for new homes. But trees and functional spaces are the two concepts that will stay for long after the year has ended and a new begun. They are classic methods of decorating dwellings.

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