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Starting Your Remote Career In The US Job Market

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a historical change in the global labor market in 2020. Although working from home was a luxury offered by some firms, it has become the standard for everyone. According to studies, 70% of the population will be operating remotely at least five days a month by 2025. Though 2020 may be regarded as the year of remote jobs in the US, it is only the beginning of a new trend.

Remote employees are healthier, more creative, and earn more on average than their non-remote counterparts. If you are considering remote working, the good news is that remote positions are available in various sectors, from finance management to travel agencies to information technology. There are remote jobs that suit your career and aspirations, whether you’re an entry-level worker with limited programming training or an accomplished expert with specialized technical certifications. Many of these occupations have greater versatility than on-site jobs and compensation that is comparable to conventional jobs.

Finding A Remote Job For You

Remote work creates a positive experience for both employers and employees. If you can match your qualifications and expertise with the right employer, you can get employed as a full-time remote worker. Let us explore five different remote jobs available in the US to give you an idea of the variety of remote jobs in the market.

Finance Manager

If you have a bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting, you can find remote financial analyst and manager roles. Financial forecasting, budgeting, and analytics are some tasks that you can perform from home. If you’re dynamic and independent with the knowledge of forecasting tools like QuickBooks and Tally, then you can easily land a remote finance job.


You can do many translation jobs remotely. If you’re bilingual or have multiple language proficiency, you can apply for jobs in translating companies that translate news stories, articles, web pages, and books. Though most of the translation jobs are freelancing, some companies hire full-time employees with various language skills.

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Medical Coding

One of the easiest jobs to do from home is medical coding. As the most in-demand professions, the Techfetch portal has numerous remote medical coding jobs that provide job security. If you’re interested in healthcare but prefer to do administrative tasks, then medical coding jobs are a good choice.

Graphic Designer

If you have a passion for designing, you can easily land a remote graphic designer job. Talented graphic designers have different employers to choose from, like software development companies, advertising firms, video production units, and corporate branding agencies. Analyzing job opportunities in the Techfetch portal indicates that graphic designing jobs are rising with increased digital marketing across industries.


Teachers now have more chances to collaborate with pupils worldwide thanks to advances in technology and high-speed internet access. Furthermore, as more states allow K-12 students to attend public school online, there is an increasing need for online teachers. With the flexibility to choose the number of hours you work and classes you teach, you can achieve a perfect work-life balance with a remote teacher job.

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Preparing For Your First Remote Job

Employees and contractors face a wide range of problems and obstacles as a result of remote employment. Companies are debating how to provide better training remotely and optimize workspaces to improve staff wellbeing, among a slew of other difficult issues posed by COVID-19. For their part, employees attempt to strike the right home-office atmosphere and prepare themselves for remote working and collaboration. The idea of home office blurs the important distinction between work and personal life. It is important to set a boundary to remove disturbances and improve productivity.

Setting Up Your Home Office

Check Out – Find a location in your home where you will be more efficient and productive. This home office spot should be free from possible distractions, like TV or snacks, and get plenty of natural light. If you have kids doing remote learning at home, check the amount of guidance they need. Accordingly, set up your office closer to or away from their online classes. Even if you don’t have an intuitive office chair, you can choose to pair a chair with a table or another surface that allows you to operate your computer or laptop without arching your back.

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