Simple ways to decorate and renovate every single space in the house

If you have planned to completely revamp your house, you need to consider various factors like budget, time limit, materials required, contractors to approach, things to purchase and much more. When you are approaching the contractor for a complete renovation, they would give you an estimation and also time frame- when they can hand over the project. It generally takes three weeks to three months to complete the home renovation project. It differs from one project to another. It depends upon your requirement and space to renovate.

Before starting the renovation project, you need to find out how long will it take to complete each room. Several variables can disturb the timelines and mostly it could be due to the size of work crew and space of the project. Homeowners should realize that renovation process does not begin with a demo. It begins when you hire a design-build company, hire a designer and start renovating your project.

Room addition: If you wanted to add an extra room in your house, it may take about six to sixteen weeks. It is the longest project as it involves a lot of complexities. The best part is you will be having a bathroom and kitchen to function when the project is ongoing. It is hard to find this luxury when you consider other projects. There are chances for delays due to Mother Nature. You may also come across issues with the projects that are delivered or pouring framing or concrete when it is very cold.

Kitchen: It would take about three to twelve weeks to complete the entire kitchen renovation project. It involves changing the entire layout where the sink, fridge, and stove were located. You need to add fresh plumbing pipes, add a fresh gas line and also install new electric outlets to complete the renovation task. If you are adding custom cabinets, the rooms should be measured. If you have plans to include countertops, you have to install the base cabinets and then consider the countertops. It generally takes some time to install countertops as it has to be cut to size.

Bathroom: The majority of bathroom renovation projects takes about three weeks and more. The most common renovation to consider in the bathroom is the tiles. It consumes a lot of time and also prevents others to use the same room during the time of renovation. Tiling is a long process. It comes in different types, models and niches. It is necessary to choose the best one that suits your requirement.

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