Quick Ideas To Beat Home Inspection

Selling a home is not as easy as buying a home. The sellers have to shoulder lots of responsibilities and pain when they want to sell their home. If you’re going to sell a home quickly for a good price, then you should take the necessary actions to attract more buyers. When you have more potential buyers for your property, you have a good chance of selling it for a good price. The potential sellers will look into various aspects before buying a home. The home inspection is one of the important activities of the potential buyer. In most cases, the home inspection is carried out by a professional, who prepares a report, which will be viewed by the potential buyers.

GFCI Electrical Outlets

The very purpose of conducting the home inspection is to see how far the building is safe to live for human and pets. This is the reason why a home inspection report always contains the GFCI electrical outlets. So, make sure that provide GFCI protection to all the electrical outlets that require protection.

Smoke Detectors

The purpose of having smoke detectors is to prevent fire accidents as quickly as possible. This equipment is easier to install and relatively less expensive than other home safety devices. So, having functional smoke detectors will add a positive point on your home inspection report.

Sealed Roof Fasteners

Unsealed roof fasteners are always considered a problem by the potential buyers. So, make sure that you thoroughly seal the roof fasteners by using the approved roof sealant through caulking gun. This is a simple and cheap process but benefits you a lot at the time of selling.

Seal Exterior

Just walk around your home with a caulking gun and see the areas which require sealing. Areas around light fixtures, windows and plumbing pipes may require sealing.


This is a device that prevents the water flowing back from the garden hose to the water supply tank. Most home inspectors check whether this device is properly installed in the property.

Paint Plumbing Pipes

Most plumbing vent pipes are made of PVC and they can be damaged due to weather, moisture, and other external elements. Painting these pipes with latex paint will enhance their life and also give a good impression to the home inspectors.

Protect Light Bulbs

Home inspectors have to check whether the light bulbs are installed safely and they do not pose any threat to the lives. This is particularly true to the light bulbs that fixed in attics, closets, pantries and any other areas, which can be easily reached by the human hands. You can prevent such risks by fixing the cage over the light bulbs. Each light bulb cage is inexpensive, but they offer huge benefits to the owners.

Cleaned And Maintained HVAC

Having an HVAC unit is a big advantage to your property. However, just having an HVAC unit alone done not make your property very functional and practical. It should be periodically cleaned and serviced for highly efficient functioning. Make sure that you have the evidence that the professionals periodically service your HVAC.

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