Natural Resources For Interiors

The nature is the first source of inspiration for most of interior designers; if it is to you too and you are looking for some ways to add pretty natural touches to your house décor, take a look on those fabulous wall covering ideas inspired by the beautiful nature. For the relaxing sea atmosphere be around you, why don’t you use an element that characterizes it: the pebbles for example? By choosing a wall frieze to cover a wall in the bathroom or the kitchen, you will have the charming feeling of being on the beach at home! To create the look of traditional stone walls, try stone chips; They bring the appearance of irregular stones that makes all the charm of this wall covering, in addition they are available in different colors: slate, rustic granite, white polished appearance and many others. The wooden panels are not limited to line our fireplaces in winter. Finely cut and assembled side by side on the wall, they form a wall decoration well-rounded and 100% natural. This model is perfect for wood lovers.

In living room you can use wood and woven finishes as neutral stuff like your living room furniture can has nice wooden chair beside nice sofa in baby blue color with nice driftwood work as nice coffee table in middle and you can also add nice wispy beach grass between your chair and sofa to give you neutral touch in your living room. With nice easy steps you can turn your traditional bathroom into very contemporary bathroom by adding neutral touch by using nice wood slab countertop, ethereal wallpaper and reclaimed mirror, these wonderful combination will give you fantastic bathroom with nice simple neutral touch. You can recycle glass bottles in simple way by using it as nice vase for green plants to decorate your living room in neutral way with green color.

Vintage carpets treated with patchwork technique, Carpet is so important for any rooms in house, like bedroom, living room and dining room it leave a nice touch to room. With vintage carpets you can find them from first that they are old, but also you can find them absolutely modern patchwork technique, you can find one in red color consisting of many squares or orange one with different patch or gray without any patch or carpet with many squares have many shapes or in green color, purple and turquoise color, with these different colors you can have an elegant touch in any room in your house.

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