Home inspection process tricks and tips

If you are thinking to get permits for your home renovation project, you need to go through the home inspection process. It is also one of the important steps at the time of purchasing a home. It occurs when the home builder or seller accepts the offer of the buyer. At the end of the mutual agreement between the two individuals, a home inspection will be carried out.

It does not have any necessity to perform in a fast rush. It takes time and effort and when it is completed you will have complete knowledge about the house. You would know what you are going to get and what to expect from the home. After the home inspection, you would have a clear idea about the repairs and maintenance you need to undergo. If you are finding any problems, it is best to address to the sellers before purchasing.

How to select the best home inspector?

  • Choose a person who inspects in front of you: There are only a few home inspectors who understand the requirements and works as per the client’s needs. If the home inspector is a trusted person, he/she would ask you to accompany during the inspection process. This way, the owner would know his/her expertise when being with the person at work. There isa lot of difference between working with the person and just seeing the inspection report finally.
  • View the sample report: It is necessary to see how he/she has prepared the inspection report. It should be prepared in the best manner. Several inspection agencies provide a sample report and it will be mentioned on their website. It is best to check the sample report for formatting, clarity and whether they include pictures.
  • Ask about certifications and experience: It is necessary to discuss the instructor regarding his/her work history. You should ask about their certifications, past experience and number of inspections they have carried out. Most successful home inspectors ensure to mention about their clients on their website. If you have time, you can meet or call the clients and ask for feedback. You need to analyze whether it is really worth to work with that particular home inspector. It is important to obtain complete information about the home inspector before starting to work. Once you commit for the task and feel that he/she is not performing up to mark, it is hard to withdraw the process.
  • Enquire about additional fees: If there are any areas that are not mentioned in the report, ask the inspector whether they charge an additional fee for inspecting those areas.

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