Are Home Inspections Necessary To Assess The Interiors?

Selling a home is by no means an easy process. It requires a great deal of preparation, as the house must be made ready to attract potential buyers.

Show your diligence to the prospective buyer by conducting a home inspection to report on the condition of the property. The home inspection report holds a great value to the prospective buyer and can help to move the house off the property market quickly. There are two types of home inspections conducted: One is a pre-purchase home inspection and the other is pre-delivery inspection. Though the same methods are followed for both, in the latter more importance is given to building code compliance, while the former gives more value to the interiors as it can help to evaluate the property better and zero on the right price.

Pre-purchase home inspection
The process takes about 3-4 hours depending on the size and age of the property. The reports are prepared off site and sent to the client via email. Emergency inspection can be done on special request and the report is delivered in less than 48 hours. The fee for emergency inspection is higher than the normal inspection. The reports will be in a written format and digital pictures will accompany the report. This gives a clarity on the condition of the property. The homeowner need to be present for the inspection to get a clear idea on the condition of the house. Prior to the inspection the client has to sign a contract.

Pre-delivery home inspection
Inspecting a home before delivering it to the owner of the property is called pre-delivery home inspection. Here the attention is given to building compliance. The time factor will be similar to a normal inspection and the client is encouraged to be part of the inspection. Modern home inspections use thermal imaging and pictures can be printed at an extra cost. Thermal imaging can give an skeletal image of the house. It can check for the presence of moisture, lack of building insulation, insect infestation, overheating of electrical breakers and more. Thermal imaging can bring to the forefront what escapes the naked eye.

Indoor air quality test
The indoor air quality has to be assessed before buying or selling a property. Special equipment are used to assess the quality. The tests conducted can reveal mould spo0re content in the air. The sample collected is checked for mold growth and the type of mold is detected. If the mold infestation is present then abatement program is initiated. Test for radon gas is also conducted to ensure the place is free of any radiation.

The goal of our interior home inspection is to equip the homeowner on the present condition of the property. It can help to place the right price on the property and promote a quick sale with much advertising. Some properties sit for long on the property market because of high pricing. A home inspection can help to judge the worth of your property and also suggest some changes to improve the chances of getting a higher price.

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